Предмет на дейност

Числата показват всичко -  500 000 хоствани сайта

Дом на повече от 500 000 сайтове. Ние сме специализирани в предоставянето на всичко за вашето онлайн присъствие, започвайки от домейни, Споделен и Полу-споделен хостинг, VPS Хостинг и SSL сертификати. Услугите се предоставят от  Coral Blue Pattern  съвместно с headquartering в  Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

Преглед на предлаганите услуги

Уникална облачна хостинг платформа

We offer variety of services on cloud based platform: Shared and Semi-Dedicated Hosting, VPS, Domains and SSL Certificates. Last but not least, Coral Blue Pattern is one of the pioneers in Free Web Hosting industry. We offer a feature-limited free hosting service as a part of our courtesy policy and believe this makes our client base bigger.

Цел на нашата компания

Доставяне на удобство на нашите клиенти

Our fundamental goal is providing a quality service. The cloud platform has been built throughout the years on learn-by-doing basis. This has helped us grow as professionals and enhance the technology to perfection. Our extensive knowledge about every aspect of the platform makes us flexible and ready to act in the most adequate way.

Нашите предимства

Всичко за вашето уеб присъствие на едно място

Our main advantage is based on our risk-free service - free web hosting with limited features to test the service before purchase. Other strong advantage is our custom in-house developed platform that provides any type of web related services: Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, Domains and SSL Certificates.

Инфраструктура на центъра за съхранение на данни

Стратегическо разположение между Европа, Северна и Южна Америка

Our servers are strategically collocated in LambdaNet, Kiel, Germany. It is well known as a part of the Internet backbones connecting Europe and North America. The data center infrastructure equipment has Class 3.1 air conditioning system, fire, water pre-detection systems uninterruptible power supply.


Напълно персонализирани решения - няма външен софтуер.

Our cloud based platform has been entirely built in-house. This predetermines a predictable environment, up to date know-how and respectively a team that acts in the most adequate way. Moreover we offer 30 days Money Back Guarantee, 99.9% uptime and superb 24x7 customer support.